Baby fashion

My parent friends often complain about the price of nappies. Chinese parents have found a wise way to tackle the problem: dispense with them. Children have special pants with a slit in the middle, so that anything coming out of the baby will fall directly down on the floor.

It’s local fashion, on a Chinese street, you’ll see quite a bit of (baby) ass.
Stranger still, I have – twice – seen the spectacle of a little girl peeing in the most acrobatic fashion: the mother holds her up by the arms and legs, while she pees in an arc, her skirt lifted up.
This happens in public. I saw it on BinJiang jie, the biggest shopping street in Tianjin. A policeman intervened, telling the parents off – ‘it’s just a child’ they answered. The policeman didn’t want much. He pointed to the street corner, just 50 meters down: do lift your little girl’s skirt, and have her pee on the street; just don’t do that on a big shopping street.

Wise, or gross?

One thought on “Baby fashion

  1. I think it’s gross, why do little girls like to pee wherever other people can step on it in the most public places, it’s disgusting.

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