16 Aug

It’s always intriguing to find out what turns on a nation.

When I was travelling in Japan, I kept hearing – and talking – about Japan’s weird kink culture: prostitutes dressing up as power rangers, a witch costume – with ‘boob holes’ – seen at a Shinjuku sex shop, or the famous school-girl underwear, for sale in a few notorious vending machines. China’s got no similar reputation for eery kink, but there are more and more Japanese people coming to Tianjin – and they might bring along some of their eery taste.

I did hear stories of prostitution. Aaron told me how a Japanese delegation of 100 (men) asked for 150 women to be brought over to their hotel. And an American (gay) man told me how he asked for a ‘foot massage’ at a spa place, was taken to a private room, and offered more expensive services – the woman left, laughing, when he decidedy pointed at his foot.

The Japanese club on Jiefang bei lu that I pass on the way back home often has girls sitting next to the door – waiting for clients? But they’re in the dark, discretely waiting if that is what they’re doing – conforming to the discretion I thought characterised sex in China.

But I found out – it’s out in the open. On a street of Tianjin, not far from the museum, I saw a sex shop with its door wide open to the street – it actually took me a little while to figure out what the place was about – I thought it was some sort of sports shop at first.

Later, inside the e-mart centre, I saw pieces of lingerie – openly on display – which would be fitting under the Marie-Antoinette garb of an Ichigaya girl.

Weirder still, I spotted an ad for some strange body contraption – some sort of grandma kink? Or just one of these torture things for women to look slim.


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