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Like a film set

21 Jul

I heard about fake things in China. I spotted one today. Some of┬áthe construction┬ásites in the centre, instead of the usual metal or wire barricades, have nice brick walls with slanted roof. Naively, I thought they were real walls – the future walls of the precinct, or xiaoqu, build in advance of whatever will come inside.

But then, I saw a hole in hole that didn’t seem quite natural.

And I realised, the walls and eaves are made of some cardboard stucco, with styrofoam inside – like a film set.

And, that’s the down side of it, it breaks easily – so you have to cover the hole.

Funnier still, early one morning, I spotted a boy dressing up the set – delineating the rows of brick with tape – a not inelegant activity.

And, well, it does look better than a normal site fence.